WaveRider Pro


WaveRider Pro has four channels that read any combination of brain, heart, or muscle signals. An additional dedicated channel reads skin resistance (GSR) signals.
This product is usually purchased as part of a Neurofeedback System along with BioExplorer Software.



WaveRider Pro is a neurofeedback and biofeedback device that reads brain, heart and muscle signals as well as skin resistance (GSR). It includes hardware and  all accessories. WaveRider Pro is backed by a one year warranty, a 30 day money back guarantee, and customer support for installation and initial protocol setup.

WaveRider Pro is usually purchased as part of a Four-Channel Neurofeedback System  along with BioExplorer software. This product does NOT include BioExplorer.  It includes free WaveWare software that runs in Windows XP, and Windows 7 using XP mode.  We recommend that all new customers purchase a Four-Channel Neurofeedback System.
BioExplorer Software runs in Windows XP, 7, 8, & 10 and provides multi-media output, statistical analysis, flexible point and click programming, and pre-installed designs that address most popular Neurofeedback applications.
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WaveRider Pro Hardware Details
WaveRider Pro has four low-noise multi-use channels and one dedicated skin resistance (GSR) channel. Each multi-use channel may be individually assigned to brain, heart, or muscle signals.
WaveRider Pro is optically isolated from the computer, and runs on a single nine-volt battery (not included).  It connects to a computer with a USB cable, and connects to the head with sterling silver electrodes for neurofeedback, and disposable electrodes for peripheral biofeedback.  All electrodes are included.  Connector jacks on the device  are compatible with any standard protected pin electrode.
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Power Line Frequency

60 Hertz, 50 Hertz (Euro)