Two Channel Neurofeedback System


Complete Neurofeedback system including hardware, software and all accessories
WaveRider 2cx  Neurofeedback Hardware
BioExplorer Neurofeedback Software




Complete Neurofeedback system including hardware, software, all accessories and support for installation and initial protocol development.

Designs are included for most popular neurofeedback applications including  alpha-theta, beta-theta, SMR-theta, and alpha.  Included designs may be modified and extended.   New designs are easily  created with a point and click interface.
Includes WaveRider 2cx Neurofeedback Hardware and BioExplorer Neurofeedback Software.

WaveRider 2cx
WaveRider 2cx hardware has two low-noise multi-use channels and a single dedicated skin resistance (GSR) channel. Each multi-use channel may be individually assigned to brain, heart, or muscle signals.  For more channels buy the WaveRider Pro.

WaveRider 2cx is optically isolated from the computer, and runs on a single nine-volt battery (not included).  It connects to a computer with a USB cable, and connects to the head with sterling silver electrodes for neurofeedback, and disposable electrodes for peripheral biofeedback.  Connector jacks on the device  are compatible with any standard protected pin electrode.
WaveRider 2cx Specifications
WaveRider 2cx package contents
Guide to power line frequencies by country.

BioExplorer software is used for neurofeedback and biofeedback training as well as biological signal acquisition.  It’s flexible, powerful, and easy to use.  BioExplorer reads, stores, and displays biological signals that can  be used for audio and visual feedback.  Home users enjoy pre-programmed designs that may be customized to the needs of each individual. Professionals and researchers can create their own designs using the point and click interface and the numerous options that process, feedback, and analyze biological signals.  BioReview, an additional program included at no charge, provides inter-session statistical analysis and review.
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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 9 x 3 in
Power Line Frequency

60 Hertz, 50 Hertz (Euro)